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With the advent of the internet our planet is flooded with a huge amount of unstructured data. Their number is growing rapidly; suffixes mega, giga and tera are outdated. Peta, exa, zetta or yotta took their place.

Using classification tools, this data can be structured. Ideally, using the latest technologies, which will see more than database. Can structured data help us better understand to our planet?

We say: Yes! We love data.

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What is Yeseter

Yeseter is a platform developed for information harvesting from social media and entire web.

YESETER collects and analyzes blogs, comments, and social interactions from thousands of individual sources and all major social networks.

YESETER helps in analyzing and responding to the long tail of opinions and views on your brand and products.

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Yeseter is an Internet & Social media monitoring platform

History search

Yeseter also works as an archive. It searches old posts that may have been deleted or that are otherwise inaccessible.

Easy setup

Every new project starts with a ready-made taxonomy of topics relevant for its industry. This speeds up the learning curve dramatically and requires little effort to turn the initial project into the production.

Pay as you go

Yeseter involves no commitments or risks. A full-featured demo is available upon request.


Monitoring platform Yeseter is also well known under the brands of our partners WLIP (KBMG), MSS Chart (Newton Media) or MemePower.


YESETER platform is developed by
Yeseter Now s.r.o.
Radlicka 32
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic